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8th Grade Washington Trip

8th grade Washington trip...It is time to get your pink medical forms turned into your child's science teacher. Form A is for prescription medication. If your child take a prescription on a daily basis for school, then they must continue to take it on the trip. All prescriptions must have a doctor's signature. If it is an inhaler or epi-pen, email Nurse Neil and see if she already has this on file. She can put a copy in my box. If your child does not take any prescriptions then write NONE across form and sign at the bottom. Form B shows medicines we will have on the bus. Just circle all medications we are allowed to administer, and write "as directed" on the form. Again you must sign this form at the bottom too. We also need a copy of your insurance card front/back. If you want to take a picture of your card or scan it, then you can email it to:   All forms and insurance are no later than April 7!  We will have a parent meeting late in April to discuss dress code, itinerary, and how to pack and check-in.