• Media Center News

    Book Club…Library sponsored book clubs meet each Wednesday during lunch. All students are invited to attend.

    Late/Lost Books...Students who have late or lost library books will receive a notice attached to their report card in January. Late fines are not charged for overdue library books, but books that are past due 30 days are assumed to be lost. Students may not check out additional books or items if they have late materials or owe a fine. Anytime a lost book is returned during the school year, the fine is deleted automatically and the student’s account is cleared. If payment is made and a books is found, a refund is issued.

    January 5th kicks off the next reading event...Snowball Challenge in the Media Center. As students finish any book, they can add a snowball to their class pile. The ELA class with the most snowballs at the end of the Challenge will be treated to a Blizzard party in the media center.

    Report Student iPad issues using this link: goo.gl/m8bbuX

    Report Student Laptop issues directly to BridgeTek technician in the RRMS Media Center.